The Club was formed in 2010 and came about as an educational forum for stroke Survivors and Carers who were getting little or no help from the Health Community following discharge from hospital.

It quickly grew in numbers and in 2012 moved to its current venue. Its main aims today are to provide a service for ANY Stroke Survivors who feel isolated in the community.


It is open to ANY Stroke Survivors. The group provides Social and  Emotional support as well as Physiotherapy from a dedicated Neurological Physiotherapist.


The Group meet every Tuesday morning in term times in the Great Barton Village Hall between 10.00 am and 12.30 am.

Second Chance Stroke Group


The Club is an independantly funded group within the Stroke Association, and is self funding through Donations, Grants and Fund Raising.

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Contact Us

We are looking for volunteer helpers, no experience neccessary as training will be give. Contact us on the link for details.